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– I see … I, too easy …

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– Yes, is not easy …

We paused again.
– And where did you got vodka? – Sergey asked this with interest.

Or it seemed to me?
– At conductors … – I said, and grinned.

Sergei noticed.
– What is it? – The edge of his lips, too, rose.

Just a little bit.
– Money is not enough.

But I agreed that she would take the rest of the kind. Or rather – “Contract” she said.

– Yes I Do? – Sergei was smiling for real.
– What could I do? – I shrugged.

– Now there is really nothing to do. We’ll have to work out …

We chuckled softly in unison.
– And though she pretty? – Cheeks flushed Sergei and I was pleased.

– I do not know … I did not notice … slapped me on the ass …

Can you imagine?
– I can imagine. But your ass is survived?

– Through, – I nodded. Sex chat video.

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