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In general, talking about sex was taboo in our family.

And strange as it sounds, but to discuss the relationship between men and women, I could only with this girl. Imagine the horror in which she would come, listening to our conversations in the twilight of my office and find out what books read girl, sitting comfortably in my chair as I write another article.

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She was quite sure that Helen resorts to us only to not see drunken mother …
So we were left alone.

Tightly closing the door, Helen habitually slipped into a chair, and finally sitting comfortably in it, looked at me:
– Well, did you think? – She asked.
– About what? – Pretending to not understand it, I asked.

– Well … – she hesitated for a moment, not knowing how to express his thought – Well, about Aunt Tanya.
– What about Aunt Tanya? – I was excited this conversation hints, I would like to Helen herself said something that I have already decided.

– Do you really want to fuck her those three? Live chat tante.

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