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Then she led me into the bedroom naked.

I felt very uncomfortable.

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– Well, Auntie, please, I suddenly someone sees.

‘I closed the door.
-A Window, Aunt!

-On Their curtains go sweetie.
Gita put me in front of a large mirror, and I looked away, embarrassed to look at herself naked.

– Look in the mirror, my dear. You’re a real beauty.

Look at my pussy, these sugary buds. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Timidly, I looked up, and “Aunt” brushed me popudrit armpits, sprinkle perfume between her legs. Then she lay on the bed, and I began to dress.

First fastened on the back bra, then wore shorts, blouses, trousers. And Gita did not take her from me burning eyes, caressing herself.

When I was fully dressed, the doorbell rang – it came from the school her children. Sexy chating aunties.

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