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A doorbell cottage was opened by Anya in a bathrobe her hair was wet.

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– Hi, I’m not too early?
– No, – she said, throwing open the door. – Come on.

It was a gorgeous cottage. the first floor has been completely made of glass, so that it was visible on the other side of the house, the girls are splashing in the pool, among them was Ian. Girls were clearly topless.

Good start, I was delighted.
– Where are the guys?

The pool is only one girl.
– They went for a beer, soon will.

And you still get undressed and into the pool.
– I do not have a swimming trunks. – I was confused.

– Come into the room, I’ll find melting.
Entering the room she began to rummage in the closet.

– Here It Is. – Stretching melting me she said. – Is it true they are girly, but I think that none of this will not pay attention to change clothes. Indan sexy live chat.

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