Freesexchatonline. I sat down at her table.

– Well, hello, girl inclined to obey, as you call it even?

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– Sveta.

– Well, I am to you Mr. It is clear?
– Yes they are.

– Yes?
– Yes, sir.
– All right.

Spread your legs and show me what have you got?
It is a little confused, a little spread her legs flyweights.

I made a mistake there were panties. Conventional black thong.

– Get used to the fact that for a meeting with me, you must come without clothes. So now you leave the toilet, and you give me returning panties.

She visibly blushing. But does not dare to refuse.

It turns out … a couple of crumple returned carrying a ball of black fabric. Approaching the table, she handed me this lump.

I did not take, and asked her to sit down.
– Remember another thing, your every action in relation to me, must be accompanied by the question, for example now: “Monsieur does not wish to take his pants whore?” Understood?

– Yes, sir. Freesexchatonline.


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