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Chat teen slovinia. He dreamed of a fairy-tale dream, when he felt a gentle creature, trying not to worry, penetrated into his sleeping bag, and put her head on the arm of.

Heart refused to work, the mind to think. But, mastering himself, he just gently turned and hugged her tightly covered rim of a sleeping bag.

Her warm breath caressed his chest. That was enough for him.

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Here’s her leg twitched again and she went to sleep quietly, burying his face in a stunning his hairy chest. Afraid to move, he still spent most of the night.

And only in the morning fell asleep:
The next day, was boring drizzling rain.

Despite a sleepless night, Yuri woke up earlier than others. Spreading the fire and checking sohnuvshie things that damp night even more, throwing a cloak, he walked along the creek to a small cedar, … Chat teen slovinia.

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