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No charge sex chats. Unfortunately, or maybe not, the movie was not so interesting as I thought, and I had begun to get bored.

Lounging in a chair, I thought “can sleep?”, And at that moment I heard a faint half-whisper behind your back:
-You Are very beautiful panties.

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Turning, I saw right in front of the guy in the white t-shirt and jeans. “Damn, I forgot all about it,” flashed through my head, and then came up to me the meaning of his sentence.

The guy looked at me, and it seemed that he was something confused. I was amused.

I immediately imagined how often did it at home, I’m flirtatious girl, but because raising a finger on his head, so to see his eyes, I asked:
-did You like it?
For a moment, embarrassed, but after cope with nerves, he said:

Yes, I’m still at the cashier noticed that you have a very nice ass, and when you walked, you could see the silhouette of your clothes. No charge sex chats.

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