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They stared at each other for a moment, Mara did not know what to expect from Luke, longing abdomen grew. Arching like a cat she slowly put his feet on the floor, not taking his eyes, stood up.

Caved in back, put her hands on the arms of his companion.

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-You do not mind? – secular tone asked Jade.

Then gently put his right knee on the chair next to the groom’s feet and slowly put his left knee.
– No, make yourself comfortable …

Luke watched every movement of Jade.
It’s nice when you understand without words.

Mara moved very smoothly, gracefully and exciting, like a dancer.
Skayoker once saw Mara danced, it was on Carell, 4 years ago.

Then they tracked down parallel to the agent of the Empire. Luke with Han Solo searched using the links and Mara worked on the line, she found that the agent is in a particular pub and loves acquainted with girls who dance there. Fuckgirl and chat.

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