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Well, it’s nice? she asked

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-Yes I Do! I answered.

I was just over the moon with her tongue.
-Now You deprive of virginity.

You do this or do I help you?
-Come Together – I said, not very aware of the meaning of this action. – Hands chtol? ..
-No. – She got out of the box long and quite thick plastic cock.

-He Is … too thick .. ..- I tried to argue.
Anya just smiled and started to insert it to me in the crotch.

He slowly disappeared inside, and then a sharp, not much, but a sharp pain in the vagina made me cry. I noticed that there potakla blood.

I was scared.
-Don’t Be afraid – said Anka. she washed the blood, without removing a member from my hole and started to push it further.

I moaned.
When he went quite far and I cried:
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