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-Dyadya. Forgive me, please. I’m begging you.

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Honestly, I did not think that I’m naked and with outsiders. My uncle took the belt in hand.

Folded it in two.
– Lie down on the bed.
– Oh, please, do not.

– Well …
I lay down on the bed. Which I was told.

– What are you talking about, usually gives you a father?
– 20 strokes, uncle.

– You’ll get 50. For that, I hope no need to explain?
– No.

The first blow was quite strong. I screamed and squirmed.
– Tie.

Not pulled.
It strikes very strong.

There was a pause between beats 5 seconds.
– Ay-yay. Please stop.

Please. I belittle you, it hurts. AAAy, aayayayay.

Do not hurt me, please.
– Shut up, Alexander. You know what?

Each blow was very sick. Dirty text chat rooms.

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