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And we in high school only twice a year on the x-rays are sent, and that nobody cares.

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The guy picks up the phone – Frau Clara patient to you, yes, from B-ska!

Behind him, opens a small door that I did not even notice, and there peeps blonde woman with strict hairstyle, big glasses with lips compressed into a thread. Her white robe.

– Come on!
Pass. Normal office gynecologist.

Woman in robe closes the door, lock clicks.
– Undress completely, froylyan, I have to examine you properly.

Clothes and shoes on the tray, they must be disinfected.
– But I’m still not pleasant – I say timidly starting Razuvaev and unbuttoning her blouse
– Adoption, adopted, since I already have.

Do not worry, froylyan, you now will be given clothing, and the faster you undress, the faster will pick up your sizes. Chatrandom tamil no.

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