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The door slammed again. Oksana habitually looked at the newcomer and soon realized that the evening was not in vain.

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For a moment she even forgot how to breathe sweet menthol smoke … He …

The same … Knight, Dream, DiCaprio and yet God knows that in one bottle.

Have not brivshiysya Knight went to the bar and ordered a coffee hoarsely. While the bartender accomplishes magical performance beverage production Oksana show off as soon as she could.

And chest thrust out and shot a eyes and legs made some careless movement. The guy intently rummaging in the pockets of a shabby jacket, and she was worried … it really does not work?

He glanced at her and dropped the crumpled bill. Worked!

His eyes are firmly rooted in sight slender legs, it is elegantly covered with very expensive Capron, climbed higher to blouse amazement evaluating its contents, even higher and met with quizzical look attentive and Oksana. Chat mebachir.

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