Zozochat. Saying traditional “Bye. Whole.

Until tomorrow, “she put the phone on the nightstand. Sasha wanted to push for the completion of the call, but at the last moment, something kept him from doing so.

Some strange sound in the tube. He listened, and when he heard something that made him wince and numb surprise.

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It was the voice of Lena, muffled distance from the microphone.
– Well, come quickly to me!

Yes-ah! Insert it in me!
She replied painfully familiar male voice:
– Missed my slut ?! Get !!

Groan women demonstrated that the stranger has fulfilled her request.
– Do not cool ?, – with excited husky man asked.

– No! Yes I Do! Yeah!

Fuck me! Yes-ah !!! What’s the big-oh-oh !!! Fuck me! Harder!

Harder !!!
– Right now, right now! Wait, Len!

Come crustaceans !! Zozochat.


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