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– Nothing treated …
– So you were not alone with her?

– How do you say? Yesterday alone, and the third day together …

Sim only shakes his head in thought, and I, in turn, ask:
– Why do not you let me go down there … in that same?
– In pussy eh?

– Well, since I still za¬muzhem …
– Just so, – she says. – My husband – a disability and in this respect, and can not be immediately suspected that I was cheating on him.

Oh, my God! How much do I have to suffer with it!

– Tell me everything.
– He gets up only when izlupit my blood.

– And you let him?
– What to do? Accustomed.

And if it does so only in the ass, but not a stick or cane, and hand, most dostav¬lyaet me pleasure than hurt. Webcam pron japan.

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