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Lenkina thoughts were unceremoniously interrupted by her mother:
– Take off your clothes!

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– What ??? – Lenka still did not believe in the reality of the situation.

– And you thought, I’m going to smack jeans. No, you get a real spanking on her bare ass, which not soon forget.

Lena could not think about anything. It was all a little too – her adult girl’s mother is going to be flogged on the bare ass, besides some brush.

It truly frightened, realizing that its growth, it can not escape. Lena shook hands.

– Mom, excuse me, please. I do not need to flog, I realized I was such a fool – she was ready to cry.

– Previously, it was necessary to think. Now take off your jeans and quickly!

Lena realized that arguing is useless – his mother was determined to tear it, as it should. Webcam gratis erotic.

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