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The girls are drinking coffee and crunch my favorite cookies.

Seeing me, Haruka flirt raises an eyebrow in surprise.

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– Baby on what?

– What? – I asked, not catching up with the topic.
– All! – Pointing at me with his hand, said Haruka.

Look down on themselves.
– Blee-and-in – moaning, falling to his knees.

This is it I’ve seen in this form?

Yeah baby you do not miss! – Michiru, pryskaya laugh.
– Who?

Who? – Air impatiently asks.
– He – I sigh.

– Apparently Gaara … – I was responsible for Haruka and misses.
– Nope, brand new.

– Oh-oh-oh, I certainly too young to walking, but not the same as gloves, – jokingly calls me Haruka.
– Seya, from the next room.

At this time enlivened Eyre, passions run high.
– Well, it’s time – knowing that a storm is coming, Haruka and Michiru decided to retire.

– Come on, tell me! – Air growled, becoming the third position. Video chat with sluts.

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