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While I was hosted at the stove, add the milk and cinnamon in coffee, I constantly felt the her eyes.
– Natasha, and you love hairy men’s bellies? – I asked, coming close to it.

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– Ever wonder – she said with a sly squint.
– Give me your hand, – I said.

She held out her hand, which I immediately shoved under his shirt.
– Wow!

I have never had such a man, – said Natasha.
She stroked my stomach, leaned and kissed and snuggled.

It made me stronger heart pounding and my cock stuck out noticeably loose clothing.
– Oh, we forgot about the coffee! – I sheepishly said, gently twisted and slipped to the plate.

Foam Coffee has already started to rise, so I removed the Turk with the heat, took a couple of pieces of ice from the refrigerator and put them in the coffee.
– Why there is ice? – Natasha asked in surprise.

– That coffee grounds settled down and did not interfere. Sexy online indian chat.

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