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I gave her his hand and look back, one of my missing her hand, while the other continues to hold the hem of her dress, but so high that it can be seen not only full round his knees, but also part of the hips.

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– Turn around! Look stared! When will this end?
– What?

If the road, it ends a little more and we will come ashore. And if my eyes on your charms, then …

– Okay, okay, shut up! Where is possible to sit down to put himself in order?

– There is somewhere near the stairs there is a bench.
– So take me there.

Once on the coveted girls seated terrace and Ms. Zhukova, I’m interested in:
– Is not it a good place?

– Yes, lovely.
– And secluded. hence, our girls love to spy on me when I come into the pool.

– Well, yes? And how do you know that?
– Found one.
– Really?

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