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The sea, like fins, gently licking the sandy shore, quietly whispering with palm trees.

Web-footed giant trees gently dropped into the warm sand coconuts. Came the faint splash of waves and the distant sound of the surf reef.

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I lay on my back and consider the white balls of cotton candy accurately, sugar clouds. Quietly, quietly in this corner of paradise … gently rustling waves …

– Okay …
Benjamin sighed, inhaling the salty air.

– Yeah, but … – he speaks softly.
I got up on one elbow and looked at him, burning brunette, black eyebrows vrazlet, aquiline profile.

He is reclining, leaning on his elbow, the second hand – on foot, the knee at a right angle. Humid breeze plays hair – soft, volatile, which fall off a wave on his shoulders.

Benjamin looks like the distance to the azure sea surface rocks white sail yachts: brow furrowed, eyelids Semi-underslung, big black eyes languid cover thick long eyelashes … India sxey chat com.

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