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Swim a warship to the coast of Somalia, pirates to drive – it’s a dream! And instead I just offered to pay money for something to get rid of it?

No way.

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It took another month and a half.

I have almost completed the barn. Not a fortress, of course, but for a motorcycle was amiss.

Besides, I had to sell a lot more of their products, so that the money should be enough for a very good bike. And then there was the third event – crashed Kolob.

Kolob was a known bully. His nickname comes from the word “bun” because Kolob was fat.

He was three years older than me, and just had to finish school. But at this point Kolob drank, smoked, and even rumored to have used drugs.

I could not stand him – feared and hated. Kolob constantly finding fault with the guys in the lower grades, and to me as well. Chat with pornstars.

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