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Nurses mentioned that lives in the same house with her, and told the story of the kidnapping and “happy” return.
-Rodichi Did not seem to notice her presence.

One girl sat by the door until late at night, as the keys she was not allowed, and they came back with a jaunt in two hours, I had just returned from duty.
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No one waited for Eve. So when she came into the room, trembling knees in the hallway nobody left.

-Razdevaysya – Briefly threw the doctor, taking out his gloves and heading to the sink. Eve did not move, all eyes looking at the chair, in which, according to rumors, had to climb.

Is the same doctor, child – lily voice sang nurse – It does not need to be embarrassed.
As if hypnotized Eva went to the chair and began to take off pants and panties, neatly stacking them on a stool.

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