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– And I like you very much, – Andrzej cupped mouth my upper lip, his eyes closed. It was so wildly that I also closed and even leaned forward to meet him.

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Then he jerked and opened my eyes in horror. I was very scared, so scared that I was paralyzed.

It’s one thing to dream about it, dream at night, and quite another – when your brother kisses you on the lips, and you suddenly realize that no matter how good he is, he’s your brother, he is untouchable. And the worst thing is that you want it.

And the parents will return only after two hours.
– You never wanted to cross the face – he whispered, looking into my eyes.

It always surprised me that we are all brown-eyed, and Andrzej eyes green as malachite mother’s casket.
– Do something forbidden that condemn any decent society – he jerked unbuttoned my jeans, stuck them in his hand and pulled me to her buttocks. – Crime, but very pleasant. Webcams 4 ultimate.

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