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Umvideochat gprs. She stood in the haberdashery and was about to buy a regular plastic hairbrush as suddenly heard a voice:
– Oh, she asks, is that you?

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The voice belonged to Olga, longtime girlfriend Amy.
– And, hello, Ol, what brings you here?

– Yes, ran to buy shampoo.
– But I just wanted to buy this hairbrush – Light said, pointing at the showcase.

– Do not, take better take a wooden massage. A very good thing, German.

I have long enjoyed such.
– Well, perhaps, and the truth, it is better to buy more expensive – not for one day buy.

Svetlana bought a brush and they Olga left the store. Girlfriends chatted about work and switched to children:
– How is your Lenka?

Learns? – Olga asked.
– Yes, all at the hands strayed – constantly rude, skip lectures.

I do not know what to do. Umvideochat gprs.

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