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Mom, are you finished?
– Lord, Ivaska!

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You … you picked up from this?
– From the computer.

She hangs when the network, then the magazine does not clean – explained Ivaska gene – and I look … I have it every night …

– All. Now there will be every night – said Gene. – Now she will do.

And we are with you, letters, then we’ll talk. Fun, let’s go! .. Let him sleep little man.

He barely pulled from crying Fun Ivaski and led her from the room.
– …

But how did you realize about the mirror? – Asked fun when all seizures were behind thanks, and Gene, caressed, vylyublenny and licked up and down a hundred times, was lying on his back, substituting Fun burning body. – Even I, a witch, did not know …
– It’s not me, it’s the people. Sexchat msg chat.

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