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They nod their heads and move away from each other.

I squeeze my body in the vacant space, gently embrace their shoulders and say:

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– It is perhaps best seen … than from the opposite bank, where I last had the pleasure of watching you. You, too, did not know about it, but you were dressed in their bathing suits, and I will draw all …

And what did you see?
– How do you peeping at us? – Olya surprised.

– And what are you doing just that?
– But we did not mean to …

– And what do you inadvertently led to see?
– Oh, nothing special.

After all, you stood back to us.
– Yes, when he went into the water.

And when he left?
– When leaving, not seen, – says Vera.
– Oh you?

Seeing that the girl hesitated and inquiring glances at each other, I continue:
– But even if it was, we were still at a disadvantage: you have seen me naked, and I do not. Sex chat bhabi.

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