When we entered the “fitting” a friend asked me:
-He Tried polapat you?

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Yeah, I hate those.
-Do Not pay attention while he courted me, he gave me all izlapal even managed to hold between your legs.

-And You did not stop him?
-And Why?

Since I did not lose anything. – Said a friend.
We tried on selected items.

Girlfriend just turned. And I thought big, I wanted a more fitting.

We went out. Girlfriend paid off.

And I chose jeans size smaller and went back into the dressing room.
This time I was satisfied.

Well-fitting jeans my ass and legs. I spun in front of the mirror when she heard the door open.

I thought that this friend came to see how I was doing.
-Well? – I asked, slightly caved in and posturing seductress.

-Just Charm. – I heard a man’s voice. Freewebcamxxx.


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