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After it got Sasha and ordered me to lie down on his stomach on the couch so that the feet remain on the floor.

I mean, in the pose of cancer.

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I heard some noise behind him, and was about to turn around, but Sasha banned.

A few seconds later he heard a whistle behind her back and shuddered from him.
– Proceed – busily said Christina and a second on my ass whip fell, hurt me and calling cry.

– Silence – angrily said Sasha – and then get even more.
I bit the edge of the pillow, waiting for the next blow, which was not long in coming.

Behind him was another, and another. Ass burned with fire, and each subsequent blow was given to pain, but could not help it.

After a minute or two Kristina finished flogging whip and gave Sasha.
The first blow was easy, but because Christina has worked hard on his back, he caused a lot of pain. Chatporn tube.

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