Chatcamporn. Michael followed her gaze and saw two blondes one girl with brown hair.

– Which one?

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– That one blonde that now climbed into her purse.

Mish, I’ll go home, tired and in a trip I have to meet.
– Okay, I’ll see you – reluctantly climbed Bear from the table
– No, no!

I’ll catch a cab and go away, and you shall be notified by the end of the business.
And smacking him on the cheek Rita flew off toward the exit.

Girls in the corner, more alcohol and recruited all noisier became increasingly do smoke breaks. On one of those smoke breaks Misha went with them on the porch, they began to flirt with him, making eyes and offering to smoke with them.

Realizing that the visitor, talked about town and how difficult to get them to work. He was called as necessary blonde Olya and he began to give her attentions, then moved to their table, ordering more alcohol. Chatcamporn.


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