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I can see his shirt and her nightdress ride up higher and higher, and as it pulsates kolotё against her stomach.

He forces her hand grab this thing, and puts one of her feet on his thighs, trying to put the head of his cock eager to aim between her legs.

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– Ah!

No! No! Never! You swore on my honor, sir! – Almost shouted in alarm and she struggles to disengage his cuddles. – No!

No! Oh! No!

I really do not want to!
Where it disappears only mild-mannered!

Everything changed instantly, and mad riot seizes him, he suddenly rolls her onto her back and tries to squeeze between her own legs hips.
– Honor!

Honor! – He laughs. – What kind of honor, Rose, can we talk? There was no need to tempt me so mad and freedoms that allowed me!

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