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– I can not hear voiced solutions! – She looked to stood like statues boys.

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– I’m going to get fucked in the ass – a trembling voice bleated Nikita.

– I, too, am! – Mumbled, staring at the floor, Oleg.
– Finally, I hear the words of these men! – Respectful tone said Lena.

Girls totally gone with laughter, almost falling out of their chairs.
– Well, then let’s way – in all fairness! – Mused Lena – you – she nodded to Oleg – not virgin!

You already fucked, so that you and the cards in your hand! Zoster ass of this young man virginity and turn it into a young woman!

Handlebars and we’ll see! And evaluate any of you get better.

Loser will fuck the whole company! – All expectant silence.
Oleg sighed, looked around and said Nikita – Go to the sofa becomes a cancer! – Nikita, looking down, went to that place and bent uperevshis hands in bed.

– I need a cream – looking at the floor, asked Oleg.
– Of course, of course! – Polite voice said Ira and filed Oleg tube of Vaseline – Though all the Use, we still have! –
The kid took the tube, opened it.

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