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Previously, this could not be! – Alevtina O. sitting in the kitchen, where they drank tea with Nina.
She has calmed down a bit and seeing how much Nina upset by the news of her now even beginning to feel sorry for her and tried thus to reassure her.

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Nina just sadly nodded as if agreeing with the words of a teacher and she pours tea. She did not know what and how to respond.

She had only one wish – as long as possible to keep a teacher at their home, as if she just goes, you never know what might be the consequences …
– Are you sure that they just did not play? – Nina asked.

– What do you mean? – If the teacher was afraid – I clearly saw how he popped …. uh-uh …
– Soval dick in her vagina? – Nina asked softly.

– I saw it with my own eyes? – Hissed Alevtina O. – That’s it – popped into her …. Webcam live women.

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