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– Hello!

Why, to my mother drove.

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– I Get It. And why are not you at work?

– I’ve got the day off! And you?

– Well, – I smiled – and today I decided a couple of hours late. It has long been seen with climbers?

– For a long time. I now have a very different social circle.

– It Is Clear. All workers, as I understand it?
– Well, yes.

– And the boys there, I suppose, a lot.
– No, mostly girls.

– And what about the personal front? With boys it?

– Yes, as usual:
– So, for you can be a little to make love?
She hesitated, as if I asked her on the street to make love, and send me to the foot erotic journey does not allow her upbringing.

– At this time I ask a crystal clear intentions.
– Yes I Do?!?

– Yes I Do! I changed a lot over the past couple of years. Sex africa chat.

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