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Monotone, like a robot voice, she translated his text.
-that’s All?

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Thank U! – He turned to her. – Are you sure there is no other meaning?
Svetlana shook her head.

No, it does not make sense or not, you do not know? – Edward smiled at her.
Yes that with you?

You have no face! – As if nothing had happened, said Edward. – Drink coffee.
From the cupboard he got a clean cup and poured hot drink.

Shaking hands, Svetlana brought coffee to his lips. Nice strong drink slightly burns the throat, but she pushed him up to the end-beers.

A minute later, her face flooded paint life in mind clouded by body heat swept elk, and the next left her mind, went back a fabulous dream …
Outside the window a long time thickened deep twilight, and the light of the street lamps barely lit spacious office of Edward. Live sex chat aunty.

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