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I chat xxvideo. saw a lot of things – big rubber members of different colors and lengths are similar to items elongated oval shape, some tubes and boxes … I blushed.

Then she asked:
-You Virgin?

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Yes – I said, blushing even more.

I’ve never had sex with the boys, and all of it had only a vague idea …
-And I’m not – smilingly said Anka. – And you are now an adult do it!

-We Will that .. .. .. do this to you? – Haltingly, I asked.
Well yes .. downcast eyes she said.

I also never have sex with someone not involved .. but I’m no longer a virgin – again, she raised her eyes and looked at me proudly.
Suppressing bewilderment and glancing at the box with “strange objects”, I asked:
-A .. Where did you get this stuff?
-Recently To our school came the Americans, on a tour .. I chat xxvideo.

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