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Her mother and my wife live in this house on the same site since birth, were in the same class. In general, we can say girlfriend.

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True wife always speaks with disapproval lifestyle Svetki, by a youth who married badly, and now, every week leading into the house of the new man. Well, it’s her business, I do not interfere.

So, Helen. Looks at me square eyes:
– Uncle Peter – her voice trembling with emotion – at Nurse three were yesterday.

– So what? – It’s her business – she an adult – I try to speak calmly. It should be noted that we sometimes had such conversations.

Until pedophilia is not reached, but I as far as possible, tried to calmly explain the girl what she was nine years intermittently witness.
– Come on you! – Helen pushed me away and slipped into the room. Hot bhabi chat.

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