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– So what do you want them to Aunt Tanya as my nurse fucked yesterday? They did not feel sorry for her, from all sides do, then she could not even stand up? – She carefully peered at me.

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– I do not know, darling – I looked into her eyes, – honestly do not know! I think about it.

As I said, Helen was a clever girl, a closer look into my eyes, she realized what I was thinking, and thought for a moment, suddenly, such as the adult said:
– Or maybe the way it should …
These words finally decided it all.

I realized that I really, so be it, and another thing, how to implement it? …
– Well, – I pushed her to the door – you go, I think, and I’ll think, too, and in the evening come and talk.

And I closed the door behind her … Dexy chat aunties.

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