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He thought that the Argonauts probably tired of waiting for him, and it is time to return. And Hercules wanted to see again.

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Looking up from the magic mirror of water, looked around for a pitcher. He lay on his side near.

Hylas reached out and took it. Scooping up a full jug, he was about to leave, he felt that someone or something has touched it.

In the clear water was a beautiful nymph, with white pearls in her hair and green eyes. Her little cool white marble handle on her.

– Do not go, Hylas, – she said.
– Who are you? – Surprised young man.

– I – Driola, – said the girl – nymph.
She looked at him in love.

– You are so we liked its beauty, – she said – that we want you to stay with us.
Lovely nymphs swam to him from all sides.

– I can not – I was waiting on the ship, – he said sheepishly.
– Well, stay a little longer – asked nymphs – let us admire you.

– I have to go – Hylas was awkward to refuse them. Chating fuck video hd.

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