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Through blatant door he saw his mother lifted her skirt, pulled down to his knees pants and squatted over the hole. Son of a little bent down and saw the overgrown pelvis.

There was the sound snatch urine. The sound was powerful.

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Urine struggled to force a thick jet, with some hiss. The son of a member instantly became a stake.

Beside himself, he opened the door, stepped inside the cabin and shut the door on the hook. The mother looked at him questioningly, continuing to write.

– What are you, son?
– Oh, I also wanted to write.

With these words he pulled out of his pants his red, hard dick.
Mother had finished writing, got up to stretch pants.

Under the belly white skin stood out the tangle of black hair.
– I’ll be right out, and you can write.

– Wait a mom. Bonga cams chat com.

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