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Beach House issued towards the coast spacious veranda.

Near the house, I slipped and nearly fell down from the steep slope, but Benjamin grabbed me on the fly. I stayed in an unexpected hug.

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Flash of lightning, and I saw his wet face. A Sound of Thunder.

For a moment I clung to him all over, my lips stumble upon a wet shirt. Heavy rain poured us from above.

I pulled away:
– Thank you, venechkom!
And we ran on, bent under the weight of wet blankets thrown over the top.

The house was dark. Sometimes flashes of lightning lit up the situation.

Although it was warm inside, I shivered from the cold. Water dripped from our clothes right on the white carpet, leaving a wet spots and smudges.

– Go, disguise – said I, his teeth chattering from the cold.
In his room, I pulled soaked and muddy sand blouse and dressed in a turtleneck. Webcam sex indo.

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