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– Guys, can you vodka or something?
The sergeant looked at me and got out of the car.

Do not hesitate saleswoman, he stuffed already flaccid cock in his pants and buttoned.
– And do you have cocoa thread unpretentious skirt?

Only cheaper. And then my sister lost her at the disco.

Home nothing to go.
– The size of what?
– Yes dick knows.

Hey, come out of the car! – He shouted.
I went out.

From my kind saleswoman’s eyes widened.
– Found something.

Maybe you need and condoms?
– Maybe need. Kurdyum, Come on, go.

Three bottles of vodka and take brighter lipstick! Grey loves – he remembered.

Soldiers counted the money and took the package.
– Sisters Beach! – Yelled saleswoman unctuous voice at last.

– Fuck you in the dick – quietly growled Sergeant, climbing into the front seat. – Surrender come on! Sexchatvideo com.

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