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– Why are you there, dead or what?

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– No, the current going, tea is not necessary, we have all, all sleep, do not bother me man …
He left empty-handed.

Kirill will soon be over, spraying semen on Svetochkinomu mouth, and I fell asleep again. I woke up about an hour later, when Alex got up and went to take a leak in the toilet.

He pulled on his shorts, opened the door and went out. I was too lazy to lock him.

At this time the door without knocking and opened on the verge of someone froze, then closed the door. At first I thought something that Lech has returned, and then I realized that it was someone else’s.

Looking at my shelf, I saw that Svetlana due to heat slipped off her sheets and just what her mother gave birth, with her legs spread and bare by a pussy lies and sleeps. Sex chating girls free.

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