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The bedroom was not so much furniture, and acoustics was simply stunning. Lena felt a sharp burning pain and moaned – she did not want to cry like a little girl.

She decided to make this worthy of a flogging, since it all happened, but she did not expect that a small brush is able to cause such pain. By this it was obviously not ready.

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– Smack, smack, smack, – blows rained down, one after another, and already the tenth Lenka not stand:
– Ah, do not, ooouu, please – she yelled.
But the light and did not think to stop.

Despite the protests of her daughter, she gave her more than thirty strokes. She intentionally inflicted so bounces, which was only able to give Lena realize that at any age spanking can be very severe punishment.

– Oh, ouch, it hurts, I will not, mamaaaaa – Lena cried after each stroke. Sex chat x without id.

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