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Sasha was silent.

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– I ask, where did this cocktail? !!!
– I made it myself! – Sasha said proudly.

– What did you do? – Strict Katin look searchingly looked at his brother.
Sasha discreetly silent, but he knew that sooner or later have still to tell.

– I ask you, What made this cocktail ???
– Nothing wrong with that.

Water and shampoo. That’s all.

I tried it myself, and I do not have a stomach ache, she is faking it. – Tried to justify Sasha.
– What ??? !!! – Kate slapped brother ringing slap. – Come immediately went to the kitchen.

Kate grabbed his brother and sister by the hand dragged them into the kitchen. There she got a liter mug of water with potassium permanganate, and made them all drink to the dregs.

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