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– How to sleep, Sasha?

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– Is that you, Anna B.?
– She is!

– How much time?
– After midnight.

– Oh, I have to run! – I cry out, interrupting her hugs and jumping out of bed.
– Where to?

You were waiting for someone?
– Not a word, Anna B..

There’s now start up this affair, just a sin not to be at its center.
– You tell?

After all, you’re like, like, in the morning pay me a visit.
– Yes, to lay his head on the pillow.

But in my bed I do this is unlikely to succeed.
– Well, I’ll wait.

And look. I’m afraid that will not sleep alone today.

– And you, not to be bored, invite to his bed his nephew. You are so pricked follow me, they entering into the taste, steel watch you.

And not only share it with the girls living at the bottom.
– What are you talking about?

– That he had heard from them – I say, finishing dressing. – Ask around-ka them. Online fuckchat.

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