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I’m spying on you when you washed in the shower.
Smile suddenly slipped off the face of her daughter, and she is very quiet and serious answer.

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– I know, Dad.
– Do you know ?! God! And now you hate me ?!
– No.

I was pleased. I am on the first day all noticed.

– But why did not you say ?! Why only now ?!
– Because tomorrow you still do not remember!
– Sorry … – Sasha funny sobbed and cuts.

Sonya stared at him sleeping and then suddenly leaned over and gently kissed him on his lips.
– Poor thing – she murmured in a whisper, – You do not even realize what I want …

* * *
Sasha was awakened by a terrible dry mouth and headache breaks. The room was pitch dark.

Exiting sleep in reality was given hard. He did not even realize that it is next to Sonia, his side, his head resting comfortably on his shoulder and throwing him his leg. Mobile zozo chat com.

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