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Five pairs of eyes boring into him alone now.

Under their gaze made him feel unbearable. Here was so horrible!

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– What froze ?! – Cried Ira – Coward! Coward!

Nikita rolled forward a wild state of despair and resentment. In the eyes stood out moisture.

View Nikita was just crazy.
– Yes, I’m not a coward, not a coward!

With these words, he began to unbutton jerks his clothes, throwing her to the loud cries of friends. Undressing, he quietly muttered under his breath, “I am not a coward!

I am not a coward! ”
After a few seconds before the girls appeared completely naked, skinny boy, shyly covering the naked dick hands.
– Ah! – Shouted girls – Get Hands!

Get your hands!
Nikita drenched in shame, standing naked in front of a bunch of girls.

But he removed his hands.
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