For lunch I had the sms-ka: “Count again the battery and the back order.

In the two on that. ” The only thing I could not understand where he got my phone number Oli. In two hours I was in the garage, “Polo” Oli was already inside.

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– Hi, – I said.
– Hi, – said Olga sitting and listening to music.

– And you took my number from?
– Anton.

Anton is “Kulibin” who repairs cars in our garage, and he had my phone.
– Now I understand.

– Closes – said Olga.
I closed the garage.

Olga got out of the car. Now she was in shorts, sneakers and a T-shirt with thin laces.

– I promise you in the ass to give.
– You are such a must.

We both laughed.
Olga came to me and we began to kiss.

I reached into the shorts, panties under the rope and my hand met with longing excited vagina Oli.
– Keep prezik – Olya took a condom from her purse on the seat.

– Do not rush, I’m still your mohnatku caress.
– She’s not mohnatka – Olya laughed.

– I know, just have it as somehow identify and name.
– Fucking pussy you call.

– Okay, I’ll call pussy. Freesexwebcamchat.


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