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– Come to me! – It smsnula. Of course, she knew that he had a case, the other, and he lived in another country, but it’s not a reason not to say to someone you want right now, what do you expect him and invite, even if not for a long time or …

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– I’m sorry that I can not please you than something as perfect … – he replied.
– I had sex yesterday! – She wrote.

– You’re killing me … With whom? – He wrote.
– With a guy!

This fantasy kills you? – At a loss she wrote, I can remove it, just tell me.
– This is real or fantasy?

I’ll finish, if it is true … it was my dream! – Convulsively and errors he wrote.
– The Truth! – Followed by a clear answer.

– Sperm comes to mind … I love you! – Moaning and writhing wheezed on.- I’d like to lick you after sex.

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