Chatfuck. At Ullman because it is not accepted, their horses are only sledding …

– Horseback riding, what could be better? – I answer. – But it would be even better to make this walk with you …

– With me today is not …

I will certainly need to rest, and before that to look again at her husband … He got sick here quite slёg and why I came to him here …

The thought of her husband, and even here somewhere presence, and I do not have a head, and mention of it because I have a few surprises.
– What happened to him? – I ask for courtesy.

– Pneumonia.
– Pneumonia? Pneumonia? – I picks up. – I’ve had time to recover it here, and as you can see, I am alive and well.

– And thank God! You are still young, probably because and easy to handle.

And then a special case … Chatfuck.


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