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And I will kill him today. – Interrupted the generous bandit Esquel. – But you can help me with one thing.
– Of course … what do you want? – A little confused Niart.

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– Council and Mistress of the Night. All that talk about them.

And where they live. The short answer any sluhi.- hunter.

Niart nodded intently. Bandit witch shook hands and stared him in the trail with unseeing eyes, his mind already lined list and teams.

Without thinking, Esquel moved to the entrance to the sewers underneath the market. Quietly opened the door, the guard walked away somewhere.

And down the drain. From the time of his visit to the catacombs have not changed.

It’s nice that there is in place, over which time has no power: still run the rat, still dark and rushing stream of human shit. Chat sex cam indo.

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